In VIER, three performers take a magical trip through the seasons
De dansers
From 4 years
45 minutes
Language No Problem
Corrosia, Theater, Expo & Film, Almere
€ 7,50
About the performance
Come on, hurry up, we want to start. We cannot wait. We want to grow, bloom, live, give, dream, and return home exhausted. And again, and again. And…

Three performers take a magical trip through the seasons. From the subterranean silence in winter, to the miracle of new life in spring; from summer's freedom and folly to autumnal romance and nostalgia. Through music, movement and a set that continuously changes, a magical story unfolds about friendship and transformation, saying goodbye and returning.
About the artist
De Dansers is an Utrecht-based ensemble of dancers and musicians led by choreographer/dancer Josephine van Rheenen and composer/musician Guy Corneille. Their 'dancing concerts' are organic interactions of modern dance and live music.
The ensemble wants to encourage physical and personal connection, especially in an increasingly digital society, where screens lead the way. They create performances that appeal to children's lust for life and adults' forgotten desires of surrender and touch.
23 april
15:00 - 15:45
15:00 - 15:45
In VIER, three performers take a magical trip through the seasons

Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film

Josephine van Rheenen
Composition & live music
Guy Corneille
created and performed by
Yoko Haveman, Charlotte Goesaert, Guy Corneille
Artistic coaching
Jef van Gestel
Hiske de Goeje
Light advice
Varja Klosse
Creator of "the beast"
Roos Visser
Thanks to
Johan De Smet, Carli Gellings
made possible by
Gemeente Utrecht, Fonds Podiumkunsten
Marco Chardon. Samia te Nuijl, Mila Uiterwijk
Danae Bos, Joppe Kos
production support
Lucca van der Ploeg
Zakelijk leiding
Miriam Gilissen
Pauline van Kalkert, Eline Karstens
Marketing & publicity
Lizzy Schreijer
Frontaal Theaterbureau
with support of
HET LAB - Hasselt