Trees carry knowledge in their roots, which are connected underground. In this way they communicate with each other and with the inhabitants and visitors of this forest.
marloeke van der vlugt
About the work

I wanted branches to grow from my fingers.
And root threads from my body.
So that I could become part of this (extensive) invisible world.

Trees are wise. Scientists say they know everything.
They carry the knowledge in their roots deep underground. Just as the internet connects us to each other, the roots underground also form a large network.
Not only do the trees talk to each other in this way, they also communicate with the other inhabitants and visitors of this forest.
This is done with the help of other organisms such as mycelium or fungi and mushrooms in all shapes and sizes.

The spatial installation Wortel_Net consists of separate sculptures and a hand-knitted web of 4500 meters of electricity wire.
The installation fuses branches, roots, wires and body parts in a physical attempt to experience this network.
About the artist

Marloeke van der Vlugt is a Dutch, multidisciplinary artist/researcher with a background in performance and scenography.
Her work has been exhibited and performed in many (inter)national galleries and theatres.
In 2015 her book Performance as Interface | Interface shaft off; a personal reflection on six years of artistic work in which she examines her life in a networked world and its influence on the body.
She teaches at the Utrecht School of the Arts and is also a researcher there in the Performative Manufacturing Processes lectorate.
In 2020 she started her PhD project in which she researches 'touching' within artistic making processes.

Marloeke van der Vlugt, artist (interactive, performative installations)