Welcome to Wil's world
Bianca lurvink
About the work

Dear visitor,

Wil and I hereby cordially invite you to visit Wil's home.
As one of the oldest residents of the Floriade site, Wil will open his door from April to October 2022.
During the visit, we would like to take you on a journey through Wil's history: from sea to sand, from birth to death, from first root shoot to green leaf, from grazing cattle to gnawing beaver and the hand of man, from past to present and to the future.

We invite you to think about the future with us:
What do you want it to look like for people and nature?
What is your role and that of Wil and me in this system?

See you soon!
Greetings Wil and I

From the first meeting with the tree trunk, Bianca writes letters to Wil. In these letters she describes her search for who Wil is and was. She writes about their relationship, about her position as a human being in relation to Wil and what all this could mean. How does this approach affect the relationship we humans have with nature? And with ourselves?

About the artist

As an all-rounder, Bianca (1995) can be divided into an interactive performance designer, designer, dramaturge, audience director and experience maker. In her work Bianca searches for the elusive, the fraction of a second, which the audience experiences through a performance, installation or experience. In her work as an interactive performance designer, she also knows how to connect new performance technology in an experience for both audience and performers.

Bianca Lurvink graduated IPD 2020 (HKU)