From a hanging weeping greenhouse,
fueled by solar energy,
wailing notes of sadness sing.
ronald van der meijs
The Weeping Greenhouse
About the work

This work refers to climate change in which the greenhouse effect is worsening and our atmosphere has been damaged.

Just like our earth, the greenhouse is delicate and vulnerable. No plants grow in these glass lungs, but a sound composition is heard from alto recorders that hang like entrails in the greenhouse and change pitch by water droppers.

Solar energy makes the whistling tones of the flutes audible and tears of sadness trickle.
The more the sun shines, the more the greenhouse will drip and you will hear a variety of wailing tones.

There is sadness in this work of art about the climate on earth on which this work of art also depends.
The work of art is controlled and directed by it.
Passing clouds and sunshine determine the sound composition.
Nature, architecture, technology and sound composition enter into a symbiosis.
About the artist

In the work of Ronald van der Meijs, natural processes are part and subject, which revolve around the tension between man and machine, culture and nature.

In his work he investigates how humans relate to nature through technology.
At this moment in time there is hardly an aspect of everyday life that isn't somehow shaped by technology. Nature and culture are completely intertwined.
What does that mean for the condition of the people who live in this technological world?

Ronald van der Meijs, visual artist