Mare Memoria transforms the salty memory of the Zuiderzee into a realistic future scenario for humans.
de onkruidenier
Mare Memoria
About the work

Organisms in the soil of the Floriade site still think they live in the Zuiderzee, even though it has not existed for 90 years.

The installation Mare Memoria by the Onkruidenier brings together various facts and fictions from the landscape that are connected to this sweet and salty ecosystem. In our living environment in which the sea level is rising and the soil is also falling at the same time, De Onkruidenier asks how you as a person can relate to this.

While we continuously control the water in the Netherlands with locks, dams and dikes and systematically monitor the water level, De Onkruidenier proposes a new perspective on your living environment.

What happens when we as humans are the ones adapting to a changing landscape that is getting wetter and saltier?
How can our bodies relate to the rhythm of ebb and high tide?
Are our senses developed enough to reverse the perspective on the landscape?
Can smell, color and different materialities support us in getting grips with this new ecosystem?
Mare Memoria transforms a salty memory into a real future scenario for humans.
About the artists

Artist collective de Onkruidenier investigates historical, cultural and potential transformations of nature and its possibilities to evolve humans.
They do fieldwork – often in collaboration with the public – collecting plants, the stories and histories associated with them, and speculating about aquatic culture in order to arrive at new interpretations about the relationship between man and nature, both above and below sea level.
Questioning how systems play an important role in this.
In the development of their work, interactions with the public and experts such as farmers, residents and scientists provide new stories.

Kunstenaarcollectief de Onkruidenier