Nature makes the instrument sound and creates its own composition.
annabel schouten
About the work

The tree is surrounded by a transient instrument whose sound changes over time. Raindrops, fruits, nuts and branches make the tree play the keys. Nature makes the instrument sound and makes her own composition.

The circular instrument has no beginning or end and is reminiscent of a cycle, just like life itself.
The instrument is played by the visitor and by nature.
As a player you have to move around the instrument to be able to sound all tones from the instrument.
Because of the falling raindrops and branches, the tree also plays the keys.
Nature makes the instrument sound and makes her own composition in which you as a visitor are invited to play along.
About the artist

Annabel Schouten (1999) is an artist working with music, sound, performance art, visual work and poetry.
She questions life and thus explores the life around her.
Being (in) nature became part of her practice. The work is about her relationship with nature. How to become part of nature.
In her performances she uses subtle acoustic sounds to create a natural atmosphere. Within these spheres, movement and silence work together as one. She uses the violin, her voice and if necessary other sounds.